The Advisory Committee supports the management of the Centre on the definition and implementation of its programme of work.

It is composed of a representative of the SNA; a representative of the OECD; the Chair and Co-chair of the MENA-OECD Governance Programme; the Ministers of Public Administration (or similar institutions) of all interested MENA and OECD countries and donors, scholars and partners from the public and private sectors.

The Advisory Committee of the MENA-OECD Governance Programme Centre met for its first Annual Meeting in the premises of the Royal Palace of Caserta on 21 February 2014.

The second meeting of the Advisory Committee was held in the OECD headquarters in Paris on 29 September 2014.


The Centre is managed by a Management Board, which decides on the detailed activities coordinated by the Centre and discusses the future direction.

It is composed of the President of the SNA (or his/her delegate); the Director of Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate of the OECD (or his/her delegate) and the Executive Director of the Centre.


 Stefano Battini Marcos Bonturi  Renata-Pavlov 

Stefano Battini

Scuola Nazionale dell'Amministrazione

 Marcos Bonturi

Public Governance Directorate, OECD

Renata Pavlov

Executive Director,
MENA-OECD Governance Programme Centre


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