This report is written to support the discussions of the strategic orientations of the MENA-OECD Governance Programme in 2015 and beyond. Delivering on the conclusions of the 2013 and 2015 Steering Group Meeting of the MENA-OECD Initiative, the Governance Programme has systematically embraced and mainstreamed youth issues in its activities.

The report explores the critical youth-governance relation by outlining the pathways through which public governance frameworks impact the opportunities for youth. The focus is on public sector integrity, public budgeting, public human resource management, regulatory policy, local governance and gender equality.

While the report aims to include as many MENA countries as possible in its analysis, it focuses on Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Tunisia and Yemen. Based on OECD instruments, international standards and good practices from OECD and MENA countries, the report provides a first set of policy recommendations.

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