• open and inclusive policy making and citizen participation;
  • implementing of e-government policies and promoting innovation in the public sector;
  • promoting public sector integrity and anti-corruption frameworks.


  • implement open government reforms; focus on strategic planning, participatory policymaking and public sector innovation;
  • support state building efforts (Libya) such as strategic planning and public sector integrity.



  • reforming budgeting and expenditure frameworks;
  • promoting regulatory reform and administrative simplification;
  • peer dialogue between senior budget officials and procurement seniors.


  • design a consistent government regulatory policy and develop a long term reform strategy;
  • design a central institutional mechanism within government and strengthen co-ordination mechanisms;
  • adopt legislative drafting standards across government, develop a strategy for reducing high administrative burdens;
  • engage in reforming and modernizing procurement systems to increase transparency.

In this regard the MENA-OECD Public procurement network has been launched in Caserta, Italy in September 2012, as a response to the request of the G8 Deauville Partnership Action Plan on governance and MENA countries for creating a regional platform to share experiences in public procurement reforms.



  • reducing disparities between territories and citizens;
  • enhancing institutional capacities at the national and sub-national level;
  • supporting local development and providing tailored policy recommendations;
  • enhancing and promoting cooperation between SME's and policy makers.


  • as regions are the place where citizens and policies meet, it is important to take into account this level to assess citizens' capacity to participate, influence, and provide informed feedback to government's decision making process.

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